Our baby budgies

This is a guest post by our youngest son:

Baby budgies in a bird cage
These are our baby budgies. The white one is named Blanca. And the other one is named Houdini. It sounds really strange, but one of our budgies had babies in captivity. She laid around 15 eggs but only four of them have hatched. We have two other baby budgies, but we don't have a picture of them yet as they don't have their feathers and their mum is always sitting on them (they were just born a few days ago). We will be posting another picture when the babies have feathers and their mum is not sitting on them! In total, now we have nine budgies, the most we have ever had. The most we have ever had before is seven and now we have nine.

3 thoughts on “Our baby budgies

  1. Will, that is lovely. I’m amazed you persuaded Blanca and Houdini to stay still long enough for the nice photo. Please let us know what colours the next 2 babies are when they grow their feathers?

  2. Yes, we will be posting the other pictures soon! We’re not sure if there are 2 or 3 new babies, Millie is producing a lot of babies!

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