Red Malabar spinach

So, when I wrote my last post, I completely neglected to mention one of our new crops this year: Red Malabar spinach. We’ve successfully grown four plants (two in the front, two in back) this year, but it took me a while to realize that this would provide one of my “Duh!” moments in gardening this year. It’s a fast growing vine – not mentioned on the seed packet and I obviously didn’t research this one before planting it. I was wondering if it had bolted, and then thought I’d better do a bit more investigation.

At least I’ve now found a use for the bamboo stakes that I did NOT need to install for two of the three types of green beans that we planted (again, one of the three is a climber, so we merrily put stakes in for all three, without evening thinking). One of my other “Duh!” moments…

At any rate, Red Malabar spinach is a happy discovery for me this year. It’s astoundingly pretty and very tasty to boot. The leaves did marvellously well as a late addition in a lentil soup and benefitted from not being cooked for very long. Definitely one that I’ll be experimenting with over the next few weeks.

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