Good things

1. Our solar project is here! (I know, I haven’t told you about that yet…) This is good for so many reasons, but today I’m particularly thankful as the trench digging will provide hours of free entertainment for my eight-year old who has taken up a strategic position outside. I may actually get some work done!

2. Kale! Two of our three varieties are growing like topsy (and the third is waaaaayyyy out in a field where it’s also growing well but is quite unprotected from pests). Yesterday I made Caldo Verde for lunch (Portuguese soup with potatoes, kale and chorizo) and (at 11pm) a pasta dish with garlic, local onions (not ours) and kale sauteed in a cream sauce. Mmmmm!

3. Easy and fun fitness! Last evening we all hopped on our bikes and went to our local beach for a swim. Something to lock in deep memory for February.

Now I’m off to work – have a good day whatever you’re doing!

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