Cooking and baking by hand

‘What?’ you say. Of course we cook and bake by hand. No, I mean really.

Good friends were here yesterday (and helped us with felling a dead 40 foot tall tree, a whole other post – they really earned their meal!). We were all hanging out in the kitchen as we got supper ready. I noticed N looking at me strangely as I whipped cream in a stainless steel bowl.

‘Are you really doing that?’ she asked.

‘Doing what?’

‘THAT – whipping that by hand.’

Yup, I was, and I usually do. I don’t have an electric mixer and it’s actually quite fast to do it with a whisk by hand (I also have an old fashioned manual egg beater that I got for three dollars at some antique place years ago – my older son is quite partial to it).

Am I an anachronism, or does anyone else out there do this? Please tell me what kitchen tasks you like to keep simple!

(By the way, the cream was for rhubarb fool, which was scrummy. I love rhubarb season – and it’s just $2 a bunch at my local farmer’s market!)

5 thoughts on “Cooking and baking by hand

  1. oh, oh rhubarb fool!! must make! there is rhubarb in my backyard just busting to be picked and savoured… : )

    I do have an electric hand-held mixer and use it for things like that but it splatters so much. Might be better to make by hand!

  2. I, too am a bit of a kitchen luddite. I do have a few gadgets – mostly gifts – that I use on rare occasions – generally when the gift-giver-in-chief (aka my stepmother) is visiting. But in general I just find them way more hassle than they are worth. It’s just so much easier to chop or mix or grate or mash by hand than to haul out an appliance, set it up, tear it down, clean it and put it away! A few good sturdy hand tools are so much easier and WAY more reliable!

    I fear rhubarb and I have never gotten along though. I think it dates back to my early childhood when the neighbor kids and I got into their mother’s garden. I think I must have eaten some of the leaves because I’ve never been so sick in my entire life, and have never been able to stomach the idea of rhubarb since!

    1. Oh wow, that is a cautionary tale about the rhubarb leaves – I can totally understand never trying them again! Lovely to hear from someone else who enjoys and naturally turns to old fashioned tools in the kitchen. I’m not alone!

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