A wonder and a worry

Young deer roaming in the spring in eastern Ontario
Delightful sign of spring or Public Enemy Number One?

Sightings such as these (from behind our house, just a few minutes ago) are one of the much anticipated pleasures that we now enjoy as country dwellers. But it also causes fear to creep into our hearts as we consider how best we can protect our vegetable crops this year. For that lovely, sweet-looking deer will indeed make short work of our garden if we are not vigilant and careful. We’re up against it this year – wet ground, lack of experience on our new plot of land, and critters. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “A wonder and a worry

  1. looks like you are going to have to build a big fence! : )

    yikes – he looks hungry… maybe you could plant something deer friendly in a different spot as a way to lure them away from your garden…

    1. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind, but you’re right! There is a new air rifle here that the boys would probably love to use for hunting instead of knocking over tin cans!!!

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