Dam building – part one

We knew that we’d need to rebuild our pond’s dam this year, so a lot of thinking went into how to do this. It was the topic of many a suppertime conversation and my husband put a lot of thinking into it before embarking on building a simple metal cage that will be dropped into the water and filled with stone.

Transporting tools in a wheelbarrow
Heading out with tools and supplies.
Temporary dam for a small pond
This is the temporary dam and a big pipe helping to divert water from the main working area.
Digging mud out from the edges for a new dam
Digging out more mud from the edges. Deciding who was going to dig where was the one contentious part of the outing; this shot makes it look peaceful and productive.
Loading stones into a barrow
A former farm has good piles of leftover wood and things lying around. This pile also contains a lot of larger stones, perfect for the new dam.
Wheelbarrow full of large stones
A load of stone.
Tipping out a load of large stones
Tipping out the stones into a growing pile next to the dam.
Hauling a large stone with a dolly
No child willing to work is left without a job. Younger son could manage a large stone on the dolly.
Stone in the creek
Oops! (I'm pretty sure this was done for effect.)
Hot chocolate made on a wood gasifier
Time to break for hot chocolate made on-site.
Burning holes with a magnifying glass
The boys fit in a bit of paper burning with the magnifying glass during breaktime.
Boats in a stream
A boat and a stream - what more could a child ask for?
Fitting a metal cage for a dam
Trying out the empty cage.

End of part one.

This is a cheap and green project as most of what we’re using to build the dam is recycled stone from our property and old fencing sections for the cage itself. It’s really just family labour. The one purchase that I had to make was for some flexible fencing wire to use as ties on the structure. I knew that I had “arrived” in terms of farm life when I came out of the local farm supply store with a quarter-mile reel of fencing wire. Part two coming soon (if it’ll stop snowing and raining, already!).

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