Like I said, there will be mud

Muddy hill in springtime
Oh yeah. Our house is built on clay. Can you tell? It's clay all the way down the hill too. It gets better in the distance, but it doesn't really matter, does it.

Muddy lawn in springtime
It doesn't matter because I'm trapped in my house, surrounded by mud!

cinnamon buns with icing
At least there are cinnamon buns (thanks to my bread-making husband - I don't do baked goods with yeast, not yet anyway, which is fine as he doesn't do any other kinds of baked goods, so we've kind of covered the waterfront).

young boy eating a cinnamon bun
And there are happy children, eating those cinnamon buns.

Boy smiling with a cinnamon bun
Two of them, to be precise.
Axis and Allies board game
We actually had a very productive weekend outside before the rain came this afternoon. I'm just thankful that when the rain did come, this board game was no longer laid out on our dining room table, where it has been for the past week. My two boys have absolutely fallen in love with Axis & Allies. I like a lot of board games and can be persuaded to play Risk, but this game makes my eyes roll back in my head.

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