Best buy: Bogs

If you don’t know that Bogs are an extremely popular winter boot, you’ve probably been in deep hibernation somewhere (without warm boots), but I must add my two cents. A lot has been said about their style and yes, they are a cool looking alternative to the winter footwear that we Canadians have been used to normally, but their utility is unspeakably good.

I bought my Bogs a year ago when we had purchased our land but were still living in the city. I was tired of feet that inevitably got damp and then cold each winter and couldn’t wait to try Bogs. They were great in the city. But I wasn’t really “wowed” by them until we made our move to the country, where we are frequently immersed in mud, water, snow and sometimes all three at once. I have spent ages standing in water that comes to just a centimetre below the top ridge of my Bogs and waded out with dry feet, time and time again. We’re rebuilding a dam at the moment and spending long periods of time standing in cold pond water and our feet are warm and dry (well, except when the boys go in too deep – but that’s their lookout!).

Buying quality that will last is not always easy and it’s so reassuring to have Bogs in the world. Between Bogs and our Keens sandals, we might not really need any other footwear (but I’m a girl, so I can’t honestly claim or want to stop there).

This year’s Bogs were also the best value that I will ever buy for another reason: our soon to be 13-year old will actually hand-down his size 9 Bogs to his dad at the end of the season (I’d like to say that I planned this, but the truth is that for budgetary reasons my husband stuck with his wellies and old winter boots this past season). This is a once in a lifetime occurence, as this boy now officially wears a men’s size 10 and at just 5 feet tall and a good eight inches shorter than my husband is growing feet to beat the band. No more hand-me-downs for dad after this!

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