Dam building and bananagrams

bananagrams layout

At the end of a busy day, much of which was spent working on rebuilding the dam for our pond, my older son and I sat down for a round of Bananagrams. He won, in that he completed first, but I think I aced things with trigonometry which wasn't even my foundation word; it came late in the game, which is very unusual (at least for me). His foundation word was liverwurst, which I thought was pretty good, especially since he probably wouldn't recognize the stuff if he tripped over it. I'll post about the dam building soon. For now, I'm on a Bananagrams high.

4 thoughts on “Dam building and bananagrams

    1. I’ve added a link to Bananagrams now. It’s the best game. I’ve always liked Scrabble but found it very constraining; Bananagrams allows each player to build their own grid of words, so it’s much more freestyle. With my kids we’ve built in letter trading (ie do you have an “s”? I can trade one of these letters…); not officially in the rules, it makes the game more collaborative and gives players a higher chance of achieving the words they are trying to build. In the picture I was originally building “hierarchy” but had to downgrade to “history” as I just wasn’t getting the letters I needed.

  1. Good words but ‘eu’ is not a word; EU is an abbreviation of either the European Union or some chemical symbol, but as I’m sure you know, abbreviations are not allowed (assuming you were playing by the normal unadjusted rules).

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment. Yes, now that my son is 14 I should probably hold him to the stricter rules, I think he’s up for it!

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