The child who bakes bread

Child with loaf of freshly baked bread
This week has been a blur, but I don't want to forget to mark a milestone for our youngest. Cooking and baking together is something we do together regularly, but I've found that our youngest has been slower to come onstream. I think it's because he really learns by watching and he's taken his time with this. Just this past Sunday he started the day making his own pancakes (he didn't want the oat-based ones I had just made for everyone and said "help me make the batter and I'll do the rest, mum". Which indeed he did.). Later that day as my older son was working on fishcakes for supper, I was stirring a butterscotch pudding on the stove and my husband was kneading bread dough, I tossed a cookbook over to the youngest and said "why don't you choose a recipe for this week". He immediately decided to make a lemon drizzle cake right then and there (it got a bit crowded, but I wasn't going to grumble about it). As we were finishing that he decided that he really wanted to make a loaf of bread, so his dad talked him through it. This is the outcome - the bread and the smile. He has since declared that bread making is his favourite thing to do in the kitchen. It's a good thing to know about oneself.

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