The elves were here last night

Last night I was not feeling great so I turned in at some ridiculously early hour (I think it was 7pm). Little did I know that some productive little elves would show up while I slept.

reading bench and needlepoint picture of a farmstead
Our reading bench on the landing down to our basement has been looking very bare. We had found a beautiful old needlepoint picture of a traditional homestead in a local antique shop months ago. It easily weighs between 150 and 200 pounds and my husband has spent recent weeks researching the safest way to hang the thing. When I walked downstairs this morning, lo and behold, there it was.
Loaf of challah bread
As if that wasn't enough, I was greeted by this pretty challah loaf in the kitchen.
Bosch ecosense dishwasher control panel
I had been pretty sure up until this point that my husband had a burst of productivity during the evening, and then I was confronted by this. A dishwasher full of CLEAN dishes. That never happens if I don't turn it on before bed. This is what convinced me that we were visited by elves.

Over breakfast I found out that my husband and youngest had also enjoyed playing card games together, my youngest put himself to bed (if you know anything about my family you will know that this is quite miraculous), and my oldest researched and made from recycled cardboard a track for his old Cub Cars (that’s a post in itself, especially if you are not familiar with Scouting).

But to top it all off? My husband also fixed the XML file that I’d been working on yesterday and knew had some issues.

My accomplishments so far today? I’ve hung a load of laundry to dry and answered a few work emails. Not feeling worthy of the elves at all…

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