Don’t hate me because I skied twice today

Now, don’t get too jealous. The first ski was this morning; it was a bit of a slow work day (we both work from home) and it was the perfect day for a ski, so we couldn’t resist. It’s very special being able to clip into our skis and just head out around our land. It’s becoming more and more apparent to us that we have a lot of work to do on our trails however – they aren’t nearly wide and spacious enough and a lot of the time “skiing” is more like “walking on the snow” (cornering is just plain interesting). Hey, it’s tremendous exercise, just not much like gliding along a groomed trail in the Gatineau.

The second outing was to a local conservation area with nice trails that we like with our boys after school. We kept the outing relatively brief and this one featured lots of pratfalls by older brother for the benefit of younger brother. I swear that kid is partly made out of rubber; if I or almost anyone else I know took the falls that he takes, there would be injuries and pain, lots of both. It was also staggeringly beautiful – late in the day sun drifting through the trees and glowing on the ice in the river next to the trail. We all laughed about the fact that I can never seem to remember to bring the camera on these outings, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

It’s amazing – we went for more than two weeks from our last ski outing, almost entirely due to crummy weather, and then, boom, twice in one day. At the end of cycling season I never have any idea of how often I’ve been on my bike, but with winter, I always know how many skis we’ve had because it’s so weather dependent. I’m pretty sure this double-header is a first for me.

One thought on “Don’t hate me because I skied twice today

  1. oh I had to laugh when I read the title of the post! I AM so jealous! and now it’s raining!! all that snow and I couldn’t find the time to go.

    good for you!! glad someone enjoyed it! I like breaking my own trail but you’re right sometimes it’s pretty slow. : )

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