Sunset and snow

Eastern Ontario sunset in winter
I posted a picture of an acrylic rendering of a sunset by my youngest last month, but this real sunset - just last night - was rather nice too. Returning home after picking up our older son from a camping trip everyone agreed that I should get a picture, so I left them to unpack while I ran to snap a few pictures. I'm glad I did.

Our weekend ended up being tremendously low-key. We got nothing done around the house per se, which I expected to annoy me to no end, but it didn’t bother me. Our younger son, after his latest round of annual heart tests, needed to unwind, and that’s mostly what we managed. Saturday was very mild, leading to a long play in the mud for this same child, and then we trudged through the wet, heavy snow to our berry shack to recover some gardening tools that we’d prefer to have up at the house now that the house actually exists! We also elected to walk several extra bikes down to the same shack and believe me, heavy wet snow is not really what you want to be walking a bike through. Good exercise I kept telling myself! In the evening we had our neighbours over for a relaxed supper – long overdue as they hosted us many times while our house was under construction – which was a very lovely way to end the day.

Waking up to a fresh fall of snow on Sunday was lovely – realizing that our snow shoveller was AWOL (at Scout camp), was not. We talked about going for a ski, but after clearing 80% of our very long rural driveway, we were done for! That was quite enough exercise for me, thank you. I think our rural neighbours think we’re absolutely nuts not to either own a truck or have someone with a truck clearing our drive, but it’s a point of honour and frankly we often don’t get enough opportunities for exercise in the winter without these tasks.

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