Ordering seeds by mail order

I’m still getting used to having a rural mailbox and what will and won’t fit inside. Today I was very pleasantly surprised to see a small cube-shaped cardboard box lurking at the back of the mailbox, along with a small padded envelope. Our seeds have arrived!

Small cardboard box containing seed packets
27 packets of seeds to add to our existing stash - what a nice sight on a Friday afternoon. And with names like Jimmy Nardello's Sweet Italian Frying Pepper, Red Deer Tongue Lettuce and Blue Jay Bean, reviewing the contents is just fun.

Seed packet for heirloom vegetables
If you can read this packet, and know about my love of kale, you'll see that I'm branching out. After a two-year love affair with Red Russian Kale, this year I finally decided to venture out and try True Siberian Kale!

The Cottage Gardener
in Newtonville, Ontario isn’t our only seed supplier, but they are definitely one of our preferred suppliers. With wonderful organic and heirloom seeds and a fantastically descriptive catalogue, it’s always a pleasure making our selections. We couldn’t find everything that we needed from this supplier (celery and tah tsoi seeds between two examples that I sourced from Greta’s Organic Gardens in Gloucester), but I like spreading our business around anyway. We do also save seeds and there is a wonderful book on how to save seeds from Seeds of Diversity that I highly recommend.

Our next step will be updating our garden spreadsheet with our newest purchases.

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