Secondhand tile beauty contest – a late entry

I’m up later than I’d like to be; waiting up with my husband as he finishes baking a loaf of bread. He’s often late starting in the day with bread and this has happened before. At least there will be a reward, and there will be strawberry jam!

As I’m up I thought I’d post the goose tile that I’ve mentioned and that has peaked some interest. Without further ado…

Handpainted tile of a goose
This one is a keeper, I think I've already decided, and Urban Girl quite rightly made the point that we need a bit of fowl in our kitchen!

My husband’s current favourite is actually the rabbit, now named “Bigwig” after our hefty hero from Watership Down. I’ll keep you posted on the barnyard scuffle. At least the turnips and the wineglass can sit smugly on the sidelines, safe in the knowledge that they have been “chosen”.

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