It’s a secondhand tile beauty contest – cast your vote

I wrote earlier this winter about some simple handpainted tiles that we inherited at our last house (ie they were abandoned in a cardboard box in the basement by the previous owners having never been used anywhere in the house). We’ve had a bunch of them lined up on our kitchen counter, playing with the idea of a backsplash in our kitchen that would combine mostly plain tiles with a few handpainted selections interspersed. The plain foundation tile might be creamy, but I also like the idea of something darker.

We’re undecided on which tiles to use, so I thought I might start with trotting a few out for a beauty contest. Will you help us by telling us if you like any of these pretties? Don’t worry if you don’t like them as we’re quite attached to them regardless, which is for the best really. They are rather quirky.

Handpainted tile of a pig
If my good friend Dave from The Piggy Market is lurking, he might just cast his vote for this one. Eh Dave?
Handpainted tile of turnips
The turnips have quite fetching colours and I like that soft swish of greenery.
Handpainted tile with wineglass and lemons
I can't make my mind up about whether this is a glass of wine or something stronger like grappa. This one makes me giggle, but then something in the kitchen that makes you smile has to be good. And I do love a glass when I'm cooking...
Handpainted tile of aubergines
Now these are bold. I love eggplant/aubergine and these certainly make a statement. Too much so?
Handpainted tile
This one really doesn't grab me, and yet it has a certain je ne sais quoi...
Handpainted tile of a rabbit
Perhaps I prefer the tiles of animals in their pre-food state, like this one.
Handpainted tile of two mushrooms
And then there are the mushrooms, one of my husband's choices. They are a little "sweet" to my eye, but they are growing on me. This is all about giving some love to some previously loved (or unloved?) tiles afterall.

There are many others that I haven’t shared here, including a goose that I’m rather partial to, but I think this is a good selection. Let the voting begin!

6 thoughts on “It’s a secondhand tile beauty contest – cast your vote

  1. I would go for the top three. Don’t know if that is helpful at all… I simply couldn’t choose just one. The turnips are my favourite, but I really like the pig, and the glass of wine reminds me of cooking and drinking, two activities that go so well together…
    Good luck!
    Jocy (Sorry Earle, but the mushrooms are a bit too cutesy… however, I am open to you stating your case!)

  2. Yeah!!! We get to vote! How will I choose… (heehee I had to laugh about that “pre-food state” – I don’t know if I can look at that rabbit tile the same ever again!)
    #1 is the turnips – such great detail/colours! makes me think heirloom.
    #2 is the grappa – maybe it’s limoncello? could that be a sliced lemon in the background?
    #3 was going to be the piggy but now all i can think of is the piggy going to the market. poor babe! Wait you know what? I’m going to vote for the goose! You have to have some fowl in your kitchen! : )

    That was fun D. – thanks! Can’t wait to see what makes it and what doesn’t…

  3. p.s. I intentionally didn’t look at the first comment before I cast my vote… so I wouldn’t be influenced! Wow -right on the mark! Obviously some clear front runners! : )

    1. Thanks for the very helpful comments – and you are spot on about that trend! I’ve now posted a little update with a picture of the goose, as I’m convinced we need a bit of fowl in the kitchen too.

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