Garden planning 2011 – part 2

It felt like we were slow to get started, but garden planning now feels well and truly underway. We have:

– started a spreadsheet with plants, varieties, inventory, order needs, planting dates, etc.
– documented our on-hand inventory (full or partial seed packets for 47 varieties of some 20 or so plants, which surprised me)
– ordered all of the seeds that we’ll need for the spring and summer, as well as some fall/winter items*
– set up our seed trays in a sunny spot indoors, and planted out the seeds that need the longest headstart or that we just like to start early (some onions that we’ll grow from seed, leeks and some herbs)
– thanks to the recent melt which cleared the thigh-high snow from our fields, we have also started vigorous pruning of our raspberry canes (documented here, last year); we’re planning to prune one row and take all of the others back to the ground (the canes need replenishing every seven years or so)
– research on fencing (we have a lot already, but we need smaller spaces enclosed and to do a better job of keeping deer and other critters out!)

* We’re planning to grow year-round and are deep in reading and unpacking what we need to know from the Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman. We’re on almost the same latitude as Coleman’s Maine farm (so we get almost identical winter sun) and share the same super cold winter temperatures (ie dips of -30 degrees celsius), so we’re very energized to think that we could grow and harvest root vegetables, lettuces and Asian greens in the coldest months of the year.

Sound crazy? You can follow it all here.

2 thoughts on “Garden planning 2011 – part 2

  1. cannot wait to hear more about winter gardening! there is this woman with transition ottawa who has built an (unheated) makeshift greenhouse on her apartment building roof and she gardens all year round.

    greens in the middle of winter – that would be incredible!

    1. Thanks so much for this. If you have contact info or know of a way of contacting the woman with the rooftop greenhouse, I’d love to try to connect with her. Dreaming of those local winter greens!

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