My pots and pans are old

And I like that just fine.

I find I spend a lot more time in the kitchen in the winter; I love to bake as much as I can in the colder months, and cooking is just a very different kind of activity at this time of year – more involving. Summer cooking is quick and easy, in the winter it’s all a bit more detailed and time consuming. It struck me recently that we rarely buy anything new to use in the kitchen, and when we do, it’s very often second hand. Like the last three cooking pans we acquired.

We hadn’t purchased or acquired any new pans in years, and then just over the past few months the following came into my kitchen:

– a tiny cast iron frying pan (a Christmas gift)
– a mid-sized cast iron frying pan with a wooden handle (chosen to be part of our outdoor cooking gear, but used just as much inside)
– an old fashioned cast iron cooking “bowl” (round bottomed pan) with a lid and a handle for hanging over the hearth

The first two came in pretty good condition from a wonderful local antique/old finds shop, and the latter was rescued from rusty neglect outside at the amazing tumbledown Rideau Ferry near Perth, Ontario. My husband’s eyes lit up when he found it and he lovingly set out to restore it to its former lustre. We’ve since used it on and in our woodstove.

Small cast iron cooking pot with handle
Doesn't it just have such a nice shape?
Small cast iron cooking pot with handle; lid on
Don't you just want to lift up the lid and smell whatever good thing is cooking inside?

If you know how to look after cast iron (and it isn’t hard), it just keeps going and going. Recycling old cooking pots and pans makes so much sense and they are so nice to look at.

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