Still unpacking…

I’m wondering how long this is going to go on for. We reached a point where we started forgetting about the boxes massed in the basement, and then another point after which we found we kept saying “I wonder where [fill in the blank] is”. Before heading out for a ski on Sunday we had another mini blitz, and now we’ve vowed to deal with a box a day. (Notice I didn’t just say “open” a box a day, as that only creates chaos. “Dealing” with a box includes putting contents away, folding up packing paper and flat packing the cardboard box.)

Today’s finds include some never installed hand painted kitchen tiles that we inherited when we bought our last house – a pig, a rabbit, a bunch of turnips, a small clutch of aubergines/eggplant, a round of cheese, a glass of wine. I should take a picture. Anyway, we didn’t have a backsplash installed in the kitchen as we knew we wanted to think about using some of our favourites. Now they are all lined up on the back wall of the counter, like members in a beauty contest. I’ve overruled the crab but my other half is still hoping that I might cave on this or the tile with the mushrooms.

Better still, today’s box also contained our Sussex trug [link goes to a jpeg], filled with partially filled seed packets and other seeds that we’ve saved ourselves. Extremely helpful as we’re planning our seed purchases right now. I now know that we have a never opened pack of Joan Rutabaga (“swede” to my husband – his favourite veg), which I’d never have remembered otherwise!

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