Now it’s a little cold out on the trail…

thermometer showing minus thirty degrees celsius
So, my children are finally better and back at school, but the temperature outside is a little frosty. This being eastern Ontario, the school will likely make the morning recess an indoor one, but the kids should be outside by the afternoon. It's good for them, isn't it? My push to get outside has dwindled in the face of the thermometer - what a wimp.
flock of birds departing the tree tops
With children sick at home for a week in the depths of winter, I must confess there was a fair amount of screen time (DVDs, as we don't have any television channels). The view outside the window was a great draw for our older son and he spent a good couple of hours one day shooting pictures of birds. He showed me this one excitedly just after taking it.
two birds in the trees
He also took about a zillion photos like this one, trying desperately to capture these two birds just outside our window. Guess who gets to clear down the files?

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