Cell phones and evil

Ooooh, isn’t that a fun title?

I haven’t been here much as we’re preparing for the “final move” (sounds scary!). Our new house is almost ready and we’re a bit witless over here. To atone for my sins, I must point you to a wonderfully comprehensive blog posting on UrbanHippy, Cellphones are the Root of All Evil. I’ll confess that I’m right on board with the thoughts found there.

Read it and then answer: would you be willing to give up your cellphone after reading it? Okay, so I’ll bet you say no and you’ll come up with reasons that sound good to you, but as our youngest would ask wuppenif?

2 thoughts on “Cell phones and evil

  1. I have to agree with most also! I do have a cell phone but always forget to check it, leave it on, etc. It’s really the worst way to get in touch with me! I only have it for emergencies but yes, I do have to laugh, why is it necessary at all, when we existed without them for so long!

    It startled me the first time when my older nephew was just “allowed” to wander out of the house, away from family walks (downtown in the city), etc. but his parents feel that as long as he can be reachable by phone, they don’t worry too much. I also seriously wonder if U.H.’s children will be O.K. with the “no” phone rule. My nephew has one and he’s only 13 – he uses it to text friends. A friend of mine’s son – who just entered high school – seriously pressured his parents into getting the “newest” phone and these are truly reasonable people with heads on their shoulders. Teenagers’ lives just to seem to be very different now.

    But I understand U.H.’s concerns – how do these kid’s learn autonomy and how to be O.K. with just “being” and how to be by themselves. It’s like they’re connected to their friends now 24-7 – how would they survive on their own?

    (Probably pretty well but it would be a difficult withdrawal for sure!)

    Did my parent generation worry about their kids when those of us in the 80’s requested (demanded?) : ) to have our own phone line (or at least a phone in our room) when we were teenagers? I remember my friend (who was a teenager in the late 70’s early 80’s) talking about sharing a party line with four families on the same street…. so having a phone in your own room was a huge leap forward…

    Wonder what will be next?

  2. You have to watch this:

    After reading this post (and the link to the other post) I had to laugh when I saw this commercial… what is happening to us?!!? (or at least those of “us” who use cell phones!!) : )

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