Tractor safety 101

We acquired our new small tractor/mower with trailer in early September and relatively quickly managed to make some progress in cutting paths across our very wild land. It took me a good few weeks to bother to notice the keychain that came with the key to our tractor. I think we got the one marked “give this one to city slickers who are new to the countryside”.

Tractor keychain with warning about small babies and children
When get ready to use your tractor, you really must remember to make sure that any babies or small children are not crawling around underfoot.
Tractor keychain with image of mother and children holding hands
As if that warning were not enough, the flip side is even more instructive. It's best for the wee ones to hold hands with mother while father uses the tractor. Preferably indoors, behind glass.

I think we may have averted an unnecessary disaster on several occasions thanks to this most educational key chain. Phew!

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