We’re here…sort of

Moving day, August 2010
Moving day was a hands-on affair for the whole family. Thanks to a super friendly moving crew, our youngest was allowed to help unload.
Campfire on moving day
While we ran around making spur of the moment decisions about where to put things in the tiny cottage, our oldest got started on campfire preparations.
New ICF house with wood siding
This was the state of our new house on our first moving day (to our temporary digs, a small cottage). That's right, we have to move twice in a 10 or 12-week period - just in case you're wondering, we don't recommend it!
First day of school
The first day of school was recorded as a blur (this is REALLY the only photo we managed!), much like the days and weeks that have followed since "part one" of our move on August 25th.
Ride on mower
The afterschool period is frequently spent visiting our patch of land in our new community, trying to keep up with the endless jobs to be found on a former berry farm.

All this to say that “we’re here” and I’ll be posting more frequently once again.

One thought on “We’re here…sort of

  1. Hello
    It looks the boy’s are enjoying themselves. The house looks beautiful and I envy you being out of the city. Thanks for sharing this with me. Susan

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