Local food is truly a life saver

Room displaying house moving chaos
Scenes like this are bringing on battle fatigue. We're nearly done packing half of our house into a PODS storage container (the rest will be moved by professionals on moving day). Notice the red sign? It says "pack-a-thon". A great motivator.
Messy kitchen counter
Confronted with similar scenes in the kitchen, it's amazing that I've managed to cook anything at all recently.
Heirloom tomatoes
Beautiful, quirky local heirloom tomatoes help to keep me motivated.
Heirloom tomatoes ready for roasting
Summer cooking is also shamefully easy. Slivers of garlic inserted, these tomato halves were ready for roasting.
Veggie bake with local ingredients
The resulting "veggie bake" (with local tomatoes, green and yellow zucchini and eggplant) was so good that I barely remembered to get a shot of the finished dish. This slightly-too-close-up of a section will have to do.
Moving chaos
And, then it was back to the battlefront.

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