Getting connected in a rural setting

I’ve been spending some of my time in recent days arranging for new phone numbers (home and work, both of which are to work in our temporary digs and at our new home when we finally move there), and finalizing the details of how we will connect to the internet – essential for us, as we both work from home. I’m pleased that we seem to have found a very good solution that will enable us to continue working at our usual connection speed, etc, out in “cottage country” as well as at our new rural address. It will cost a small fortune compared to what we paid in the city, but if it works, I won’t complain (too much…for now at least).

Today, however, after yet another bout of packing at our current home, we drove out to the new house to “get connected” in the more old fashioned sense.

Creating a post hole with an auger
First, you have to make a hole.
Then you need to test the depth - thrusting an arm or two down the hole is easy and fun.
Tamping down the earth around a newly installed rural mailbox
Finally, you get to tamp down the earth around the base of the newly installed rural mailbox.

No electricity required, just hand tools and honest physical labour. As manual jobs go, this one was pretty fun, especially as it wasn’t too hot in the late afternoon today. I wonder what our first delivery will bring.

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