Benign neglect

This is what I’ve been commiting here on this blog in recent weeks, and nothing comes of it. Literally nothing. And that’s fine. (Well, I should say that nothing happens here. A lot has been happening at home, like we’re moving in four weeks and have had to spring into action after many months of waiting for our house to sell. Even though we had a good game plan lined up for when we did finally sell, it still feels chaotic. Probably not helped by the fact that our new house isn’t yet ready and we don’t know WHERE we will move to in four weeks for a temporary perch. Details, details.)

It is also what we’ve been commiting on our small patch of garden out on our new land and…it’s working. It’s been a long, hot summer without enough rain. Even though we get out to the land fairly frequently, we don’t visit the vegetable patch very often, and we never water it. Ever.

We trudged over to about a week ago on a very hot afternoon and were amazed to find squash, kale and onions flourishing. Sure, the weeds were having a field day, and I must have pulled about 300 of them that afternoon, but the plants were intact and thriving. How does that work? Just nature, I guess.

We transplanted some strawberry corn and tomato plants from our stock of young plants in town and now the patch looks quite respectable for mid-summer. I wish everything that I ignored could turn out so well.

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