wuppenif…I could waterski?

Child's drawing of a waterskier
Water skiing on the Ottawa River at Constance Bay

It was my older son, 12, who waterskied for the first time on the weekend at our annual family gathering at my aunt and uncle’s cottage on Constance Bay, but it was my younger son, 7, who was so taken by the experience that he had to draw it as soon as we got home that evening.

I ended up on skies myself on Saturday, not having given it any thought beforehand. I had a decent amount of waterskiing experience from my youth when we would visit my grandparents’ cottage on Westhawk Lake in Manitoba (a three-day car drive or three-hour flight for my family, which meant that we didn’t even manage a regular annual visit).

I got in the water as my older son (who had just had his successful first run) urged me to give it a try. And I thought to myself, I don’t ask “wuppenif” (what would happen if, in the phrasing of our youngest son) often enough, or – more to the point – test out that question on something new or long forgotten.

Turns out, I can still waterski (while shouting to myself over the roar of the boat and wind “You CAN do this!” as my children waved wildly to me from the boat). Don’t know whether I’ll ever do it again, but – for now at least – I know that I can do it.

So what’s next?

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