Scenes from a crazy month

Dirt pile from excavation of new house
What started out as a pile of dirt (read: a young boy's dream), has moved along in just a few short weeks from this to...
Second pouring of concrete for a new ICF house
This. Wednesday was the day of the second pour of concrete for our new house.
Looking into a new walkout basement in an ICF house
There are doors and windows that we can look through now (into our walkout basement).
Interior of basement of an ICF house
I can even imagine the produce from our garden that will end up in our cold storage room...
Henna tattoo of an owl on a child's arm
In the meantime, we've been living life at full tilt both in Ottawa (henna tattoo courtesy of WestFest) and in our new town.
Throwing a soccer ball from the goal
There are lots of "lasts" right now, including the last soccer game of the season.
Walking along with a regular bike and a recumbent
And here's something that we aren't able to do as much of as we're used to because of being split between two places temporarily.
Boys playing in tall grass
We're often here, cutting down tall grass and plants to make trails, gardening and just messing about.
Pond in eastern Ontario
When it all gets to be too much, this picture keeps me going.

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