The rise of the scythe or how to get the most out of your children

I’ll start with my other half (better half?), pictured here, holding something that he has wanted for as long as he can remember.

My husband with his new scythe

Yes, a scythe. He grew up with parents who had an allotment where they grew food, raised pigs (on Mars bars, by some accounts), and got their hands dirty. A scythe has always been something that he has hankered after and our new land has provided the perfect reason to acquire one. This purchase was not undertaken likely. A born researcher, he put hours into the process and found a beautifully handmade specimen that was shipped to him from British Columbia earlier this spring. It was like watching a child wait for Christmas to arrive.

You might think that 28 acres and a scythe sound like a strange combination, but you wouldn’t be entirely right. As this young woman knows:

Young girl sharpening a scythe

Yes, a fourteen-year girl sharpening a scythe.

Young woman using a scythe

She can use it handily too.

Quick work with a scythe

Frankly, she can clear a field faster than you can say “do you really think we’re running out of oil or is that just trendy eco-speak?”.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the full video on Scythe Works; it’s called the Rise of the Scythe.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, I’ve already talked about the unique kind of satisfying tired that comes from using human-powered tools, and the scythe is just another great example. It’s something that most folks wouldn’t know what to do with these days, and that’s a shame. We need to relearn how to use farming and gardening implements of yore, and we need to pass those skills onto our children.

My wish for my children’s summer? If at the end of it they have mastered a new tool, like the scythe, a swap hook (smaller grass cutting hook) or similar, I will be very, very happy. I’d like my kids to be able to feed themselves and fend for themselves. Everything else is truly gravy, especially when you look squarely at where we are all heading.

PS Our new scythe is from Scythe Works – the product and the service were amazing.

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