Raising chicks and photo ops

One of the things that our boys are most looking forward to about our move to the country is that we’ll be raising chickens. As it happens, several classes in their school are temporarily hosting eggs and the chicks that are hatching from them (on loan from a farm), and so we’re receiving daily updates on their health and wellbeing. Our 12-year old has named ‘his’ chick Blink “because his eyes are so big”, which made our 7-year old roar! The younger boy was in seventh heaven today as one of the classes offered children the opportunity to have their photo taken with one of the newly hatched chicks for $2 (great fundraiser for a school project). These photo ops were sweet but lightning fast!

As we stood around waiting for our child’s turn, some of the parents got talking about the possibility of raising chickens in an urban setting, and I realized that not everyone knows about C.L.U.C.K. Ottawa, which is trying to get by-laws changed so that residents can raise 2 to 3 hens at home for household egg production. You can read more here.

If you’re wondering what raising chickens in an urban or suburban setting might look like, Sew Good has a wonderfully funny and detailed summary of the highs and lows of raising chickens by a resident of Los Angeles.

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