A big hole in the ground

Well, the little dents that we’ve started to make in our land paled seriously in comparison to what an excavator managed to accomplish in a few hours on Tuesday afternoon. We decided to have a non-working evening out on the land and came equipped with what we needed for a picnic supper, etc, only to be alerted to the presence of a digger up on the hill by our youngest. Our builder had finally received the final site permit required to be able to start on our house earlier that day and had wasted no time in getting someone onto the job of excavating. He’d tried to contact us, but of course we were on our way out from Ottawa at the time (and, amazingly to many folks, we’re still cell-phone free).

The exploration of the woods that we’d planned went straight out the window and the boys eagerly climbed to the top of a huge pile of dirt to one side of the rapidly expanding hole in the ground. Later, getting to walk in the hole itself was possibly even more thrilling. We totally shared their excitement. There is something so very strange and wondrous about seeing a real hole in the ground where your house is going to someday be after months of planning and seeing things on paper and in your mind. Our builder looked equally excited – the frustration of missing out on several amazingly good weeks of spring construction weather while waiting for permits giving way to the gratification of getting things underway.

Looks like our visits will be different every time we go out in the coming months, especially in the early days of construction. Excavation only takes a couple of days and then it’s straight into footings and so on. More on the kind of house we’re building soon.

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