Pay more for cleaner energy

Giving up our car for a year is not the only thing we’ve done in an effort to reduce our energy footprint. We’ve been Bullfrog Power users for more than two years now and consider paying more for our energy a simple fact of life.

Bullfrog Power, which allows you to pay a little bit more (on average less than a dollar a day) for cleaner energy that in turn is fed into the main power grid, has been steadily building up its customer base. Demonstrating a no-fear approach to marketing, Bullfrog Power’s latest video and PR messaging encourages potential customers to pay more now so that we can reduce the hidden costs of the cheaper, dirty energy that we’re all so accustomed to.

I didn’t explain that very well…Bullfrog Power is not announcing cost cuts, giveaways or cheap thrills for new customers, it’s exhorting you to pay more for your energy to ensure a better future for everyone on the planet. I know, so pious, so well meaning. But also so real and so very important. It’s a great business model – pay more for something that is better for all of us.

It’s really one of the cheapest ways that you and your family can “go green” – check out Bullfrog and the benefits of paying more for powering your home.

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