Signs of spring

In the depths of winter our chickens stop laying and we go without homegrown eggs. Some time in March when daylight increases enough and we start to see hints of spring, we’re delighted to find eggs once more. The red sex link hens are the first to lay, but this year the Americaunas started contributing their smaller, pretty green-blue eggs shortly after. This is surely the earliest sign of spring for us, and in many ways the most welcome.

Basket of chicken ggs

Almost spring

After many days of nothing but brown, damp landscapes tonight our valley is once more covered in snow. It’ll be gone tomorrow, and then maybe spring will be ready to make itself known in these parts. Until then, I have the colourful silk flowers given to me by my youngest for Easter.

silk flowers on a window ledge

Understanding how dogs think

DognitionOur youngest, who goes by PetKid on his blog, is giving away a free Dognition assessment – read on. He’s currently studying dog psychology in an online course. He’s shared a bit about it on his blog, along with a related resource for testing your dog’s way of seeing the world through games. It’s called Dognition. We had a lot of fun doing those games/tests with Reggie, and now PetKid is starting to share what he has learned.

He’s also offering a free Dognition assessment (worth $19 USD) to one lucky winner at his blog (the draw is Feb 7th). He’s hoping to expand his learning and to connect with other dog owners who are truly interested in their dog’s abilities and strengths.

Sleeping pen full of two-week old labrador retriever puppiesMaybe you’ve been following PetKid ever since he first blogged about studying puppy development with our dog’s breeder a few years back, or maybe you’re just a dog owner passionate about your pet.

Either way, you might want to go over and check out what PetKid has to say and sign up for his giveaway. It doesn’t matter where you live – his contest is worldwide.

Visit PetKid’s site.

Winter pastimes

Of the indoor kind. After an extraordinarily slow start to winter, including a disappointingly dull, muddy December landscape, we got a generous serving of snow that has managed to stay. Temperatures have dipped up and down, snow levels have fluctuated, but it’s firmly winter. It’s reassuring, as this is how it’s ‘supposed to be’ here at this time of year. Early on we fit in sledding and we always get out snowshoeing, but there is a lot more indoor time in the depths of January, there just is.

Toffee is partial to board games and the like:

Cat watching bumpershot

As long as she doesn’t have to over extend herself.


Caramel finds adventure everywhere:



Both cats just enjoy hanging out:


Drawing and colouring have always been big at our house, but the trend in cool colouring books has been picked up in a big way by our local bookshop and we’ve been happy to test out some of their new finds.


Sometimes just doing nothing works.


Reggie loves taking the lead on that one, especially after having a big walk through the woods.

og and cagt cuddling

Sometimes we like to look outside just to remind ourselves why huddling inside can be so nice.